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100 miscreants attack Assam milkmen settlement, one dies

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The Times Of India
21st October, 2019 09:27 IST

DIBRUGARH: One person died and several others were injured after a group of over 100 miscreants - all suspected members of the 0Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK) -armed with spears, sticks and machetes attacked a settlement of milkmen and cattle-rearers at Charkholia Chapori, a remote sandbar situated in the middle of the Brahmaputra, here on Saturday evening. The miscreants also torched ten houses in the area.

The deceased person has been identified as Murali Yadav (52), a milkman who later succumbed to his injuries at the Assam Medical College and Hospital early on Sunday. Another person, Vijay Yadav (38), was seriously injured and is in a critical condition now. The other injured persons have been identified as Adit Yadav, Mukti Yadav, Sushila Yadav and Radheshyam Yadav.

At least three other persons, who were injured in the attack, are yet to be taken for treatment due to communication problems.

Locals alleged that the attackers were members of the TMPK, a student organisation of the Mising community of Assam. They said that the TMPK Laimekuri unit in Dhemaji district had demanded donations ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 from each of the families for TMPK's 48th foundation day scheduled to be celebrated on October 16.

Local residents blame TMPK, students’ body denies role

These donations were demanded on TMPK’s letterheads. When the local families, who all belong to the Bhojpuri community, expressed their inability to pay such a huge amount, the TMPK had left after threats and intimidation.

“In view of the threats and intimidation, we had approached the DC and SP of Dibrugarh on October 15. We submitted memoranda, asking them to provide security to the people. But no measures were taken,” said Siyaram Yadav, a resident of Charkholia Chapori.

“On Saturday, a group of around 100 to 120 people armed with spears, sticks and machetes arrived at our village and started attacking everyone. Ten houses were set on fire. Many persons who fled from their houses are still missing. One person from our village is dead and several injured. We are unable to shift some of the injured for treatment because of communication problem,” Siyaram added.

Following the incident, a case has been registered against the TMPK Laimekuri unit at the Dibrugarh police station.

Ranjan Yadav, another local resident who filed the FIR at Dibrugarh police station against the TMPK unit, said, “We approached both the DC and SP but the matter was not taken seriously.”

Dibrugarh SP Gautam Borah said, “The Chapori (sandbar) where the incident took place is very remotely located and it takes around four hours to reach there. Mobile network is also not working there. We have sent a police battalion under additional SP (headquarters) Dhruba Bora. He, along with ADC Dipu Deka, is investigating the incident. The culprits will be arrested soon.”

On the other hand, the TMPK has denied the involvement of its members in the incident. “None of our members are involved in the incident. It may be the handiwork of miscreants. Someone may be trying to tarnish the name of our organisation. Our members are disciplined and won’t indulge in any such act. Anyway the truth will come out after investigation,” TMPK Dhemaji unit president Durna Kanta Jimey said.

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