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20 e-memos issued for spitting on roads in Rajkot

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The Times Of India
18th May, 2019 12:54 IST
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RAJKOT: The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) began a crackdown on those spitting on the roads .

On the first day of the crackdown, 20 vehicle riders, who were caught spitting on the roads, were caught in the CCTVs at various locations. All 20 have been issued e-memos.

RMC is also sending memos to those who caught throwing garbage on the roads.

The civic body has set up a hi-tech command and control centre at Nana Mauva where they get live feeds of of 900 cameras installed in the city under the

Eye-Way project. A dedicated team of two employees are capturing pictures of those spitting on the road while driving. The e-memos are sent at the residences of the offenders.

RMC’s environment engineer Nilesh Parmar said, “We are also issuing memos to those who dumping garbage on the road from vehicle. Many are seen throwing water bottles or snack wrappers.”

The decision to penalize those spitting on the roads has been as a part of the Smart City initiative. The fine for first-time offender is Rs 250, Rs 500 for second-time offender and Rs 700 if the person is caught thrice. If an offender fails to pay up, the officers visit his/her house and collect Rs 1,000 fine. The repeat offender may lose the driving license.

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