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400kg banned crackers seized in Kolkata

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The Times Of India
20th October, 2019 06:44 IST

KOLKATA: Naka checking on the city borders led to the seizure of over 400kg illegal crackers till Saturday evening. The seizures came a day after police commissioner Anuj Sharma ordered a crackdown on illegal crackers. The crackers were entering Kolkata from Champahati and Nangi.

The crackers were mostly priced at Rs 200-250 on an average and were air-polluting and noise-emitting shells.

The Patuli police alone recovered around 269kg of illegal fireworks, most of which are shells. "Most of these were manufactured at illegal units in and around Champahati. We began naka checkings early in morning. These checks will continue well into the night. Our efforts began on Friday," said an investigating officer.

Police said that they had informed the Pollution Control Board about the seizures. "Their officials collect these crackers and destroy them," an officer said.

"Police will begin sensitizing people from Saturday. This being a weekend, we can reach out to maximum people," another officer said. Police said that developing inputs on illegal firecrackers was most important. "Last year, the noise demon was considerably tamed. This year, the focus is on developing a Green Diwali," he added.

The cops have repeatedly warned citizens against noise pollution. From sharing posters that pointed out how such pollution terrifies pets to leading marches with schoolkids in the worst-affected zones of Dhakuria-Lake-Gariahat - cops said their awareness campaign has managed to touch quite a few young hearts.

Cops will keep a close watch in areas notorious for bursting illegal crackers.

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