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A fusion of Umrao Jaan, classical form and belly dancing in city

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The Times Of India
26th August, 2019 00:05 IST

Twenty-four-year-old male belly dancer, Eshan Hilal , became the talk of town over the weekend in Bengaluru. This Delhi-based performer presented a unique fusion of dance that included classical dance and belly dancing, as part of his show at the latest Gender Bender festival.
Dressed to the T, Eshan’s performance was a tribute to the dance form and style of Umrao Jaan, as he began with renditions to some of the courtesan’s famous songs such as Dil Cheez Kya Hain. A merging of his expertise, belly dancing, interspersed with dance forms such as Kathak , had the crowd mesmerised.
It was only a matter of time before the audience, too, joined Eshan, who took them through a quick fun tutorial on dance.

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