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Activist gifts paddy straw to bull owner

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The Times Of India
07th May, 2020 04:09 IST

A social activist from Alanganallur in Madurai, on Wednesday, gifted a truck load of paddy straw to a jallikattu bull owner from Sikkandarchavady as he was struggling to take care of his animals due to lockdown.

Veerapandi has 17 bulls as he breeds jallikattu bulls for the Tamil cultural sport.However, due to the lockdown in place , Veerapandi has been struggling to take care of his bulls.Pon Kumar, a social activist, who came to know about Veerapandi’s plight, procured paddy straw from a village and delivered it in a truck at Veerapandi’s place on Wednesday. Recently, two acres of paddy was harvested from Maniyanchi village and when Kumar came to know about Veerapandi’s requirement, he decided to procure it and gift it to him.tnn

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