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After MP, now Congress government of this state will find Lord Ram

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21st October, 2019 16:13 IST

Raipur: BJP is often accused of doing politics in the name of Lord Ram. Congress is very aggressive about this. But the Congress itself seems to be following the same path. The Congress government of Chhattisgarh has taken a step forward in this matter and decided to develop places where Ram's feet lay. In Chhattisgarh, the Baghel government, including the Congress, has started an exercise to identify the Ram Vanagman Marg in the world.

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Lord Rama spent a long period of his exile with Sita and Laxman on the land of Chhattisgarh. Now the Congress government has decided to not only promote tourism in the state through Lord Ram's Vanagaman Marg but also want to respond to the Ram Bhakti of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and BJP by connecting Chhattisgarh to Lord Ram's life. is. According to the preliminary discussion so far, the route (Rama's Vanagman) from Baikunthpur in Koriya district to Injaram in Sukma district will be developed and the idea of constructing Ram Bhavan is in place.

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In 2016, the Central Government had given a project to promote religious tourism to construct a road named 'Religious Tourism Vanagam Marg' connecting important places coming up on Ram Vanagaman Marg. Under this project, 150-200 km road of Ram Vanagman Marg is to be built in Korea district. The first Finance Minister of the state Ramchandra Singhdev, along with former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, after discussing with the Central Government, demanded to start work on this path. PCC President Mohan Markam said that Ram's posts were lying on the land of Chhattisgarh, it is a privilege for us. The BJP, which did politics in the name of Ram, could not develop the Ram Vanagman Marg in 15 years. The Congress government will do this.

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