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After Tianjin, Zhuhai becomes second Chinese city to report Omicron variant

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Beijing [China], January 15 (ANI): South China's Zhuhai becomes the second Chinese city after Tianjin to report the COVID-19 Omicron variant.
South China's Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, which borders Macao, reported seven locally-transmitted Omicron cases on Friday, reported Global Times.
Large-scale nucleic acid tests to several towns and communities in Zhuhai found seven COVID-19 positive cases on Friday, and preliminary gene sequencing results showed the virus was the Omicron variant, the Zhuhai government announced on Friday night. Among the seven positive cases, one was symptomatic and the rest were asymptomatic.
The nucleic acid testing in Zhuhai was carried out after Zhongshan, a neighbouring city of Zhuhai, reported one locally-transmitted case on Wednesday. The infection source found in Zhongshan remains unknown, reported Global Times.

Zhuhai cancelled all flights to Beijing, and several nearby cities suspended expressway or waterway routes to Zhuhai. Following Zhuhai's resurgence, Macao announced that its passenger port with Wanzai port in Zhuhai has suspended service.
Guangzhou suspended expressway travel linking Zhuhai on Friday, and Shenzhen suspended its waterway route from Shekou to Jiuzhou port in Zhuhai on Friday.

Those who need to leave Zhuhai have to present negative results of nucleic acid testing within 24 hours and a green health code, reported Global Times.
Zhuhai's Omicron infection was reported when North China's Tianjin was battling against the Omicron variant, the Chinese mainland's first city hit by the variant. As of Friday, Tianjin reported 142 cases, reported Global Times. (ANI)

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