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Air-to-water company AKVO to foray into retail segment

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NP News24
17th October, 2019 15:17 IST

Chennai, Oct 17 (IANS) Kolkata-based water generator maker AKVO Atmospheric Water Systems aims to foray into the consumer durable segment and is looking to partner retail chains for the launch of its household water production machines, said a top company official.”We will soft launch post Diwali this year in Chennai. Couple of months later commercial launch of AKVO water generators will be done,” Navkaran Singh Bagga, founder and CEO, told IANS.The AKVO water generators absorb the humidity in the air and condense/convert it into water.Bagga said the technology uses optimised de-humidification techniques to extract and condense moisture in the air to produce healthy, purified drinking water.”The retail segment water machines would produce a guaranteed 25 litres per day (lpd) while its rated capacity is 50 lpd. When the temperature and humidity conditions are good then the water production will go up,” Bagga added.Queried about the price, he said it will likely to be Rs 99,000 and targeted at the tech-savvy segment.”While this is a mass market product, initially it will be targeted at the tech-savvy segment. Once the retail market is seeded with good number of units, there will be buy-ins from other market segments,” he said.He said the company will be targeting the coastal areas for its products.The water produced by these machines is especially very effective for hydroponic farming and some test runs are being done in India, added Bagga.The company expects a turnover of Rs 5 crore in the current fiscal, up from Rs 1.5 crore in the previous year.”This year we have several domestic and international orders and hence the jump in expected turnover,” Bagga said.Over 44 AKVO machines have been installed at the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium, with an order for over 350 more.To strengthen their proposition in the Middle East AKVO Atmospheric have also installed their new 300 litre machine at SEVA (Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority).DP World is already running a machine on trial in their Dubai port.”In Chennai we have installed about 50 units in corporates, schools and other places. In Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Haldia, we have installed six 100 lpd units,”he said.The Greater Chennai Corporation has installed an AKVO atmospheric water generator in its premises on a trial basis.–IANS vj/ar/bg

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