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Airbnb user lists 'one bed' tent as 'private room' in city for £50 a night

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24th May, 2022 22:45 IST

An Airbnb user has sparked outrage after listing a tent for £50 a night - describing it as 'one bed' and a 'private room'.

The small tent is available to rent now in Dublin, Ireland, and appears to be set up on concrete rather than grass - so what it lacks in space it probably doesn't make up for in comfort.

Apparently, it does come with a bath, but it's unclear how that works, and when approached about the authenticity of the advert the original poster said 'it's not a joke', as Dublin Live reports.

Soon people began angrily commenting on the link, and others tagged Airbnb on Twitter and asked them to 'fix this crisis'.

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, but the person who listed the property responded by saying: “It's not a joke. However, maybe a comfortable couch in the living room is something you prefer.

“I have a very large living room for that and several couches. And it's listed also.”

Twitter users weren’t impressed with the advertisement, with one asking: “ @Airbnb @AirbnbHelp how are you letting stuff like this be advertised?”

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Another commented: “What will be the catalyst to fix this crisis? If a tent on a concrete patio advertised as ‘Private room in Dublin’ for €59 a night is a sad reflection on someone's moral compass. Sad sad sad state of a country.”

A third said: “This is up there with the worst I’ve seen”.

The person responsible for the listing has now deleted it from the Airbnb website.

Airbnb has been approached for comment.

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