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AP: Boy dies while quack tries to 'enhance brain'

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The Times Of India
16th October, 2019 07:37 IST

VIJAYAWADA: A 15-year-old boy died in a private lodge in Governorpet allegedly after being treated by a quack who had claimed through YouTube videos that he had remedies for several ailments as well as a fix to ‘enhance brain’. The quack, Bhumeswara Rao from Guntur, has now been arrested and booked for culpable homicide .

Out of the four children who were treated by the quack, Haranath, a class 10 student from Kadapa, died while three others have now been admitted to Andhra Hospital. Police said it was unclear whether Haranath died due to the treatment given by Rao or due to some other ailment as he had been complaining of stomach pain.

According to ACP (South Zone) N Surya Chandra Rao, 11 families from Bengaluru, Bellary, Kadapa and parts of Telangana had brought their children to ‘enhance their brains’ to Gangotri lodge in the city where Rao had been offering treatment for the last four days. The families had known about Rao through videos posted by him on YouTube.

Police said Haranath was brought to the lodge by his parents after he complained of stomach pain and was not able to focus on studies.

The ACP said the accused made the kids take a pill he prescribed every one hour and asked them to stay in the lodge for 15 days. A day later, Haranath collapsed while sitting in a chair. When the parents told Rao that their son was dead, he denied it and continued to massage the body.

The body has now been sent to Vijayawada Government General Hospital for post-mortem. According to police, Rao neither has a degree in naturopathy nor held any qualification to provide treatment. The police have collected statements from parents and guardians of the children.

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