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Archana Puran Singh recalls being affected by criticism of her co-actors about her comedy in earlier shows

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19th May, 2022 15:43 IST

Archana Puran Singh is one of the most popular actresses in the entertainment industry. She is quite appreciated for her excellent comic timing and perfect expressions. She has been part of numerous TV shows and movies over the years, and presently she is seen as a special guest in the superhit entertainer The Kapil Sharma Show. While the show is going for a break for some time, it is being replaced by another comedy show named, Laughter Champions. It will be judged by Archana Puran Singh and Shekhar Suman. The actress recently opened up with Etimes, on her role in the new show and reveals being affected by criticism in her earlier days.

Talking about her present shows Archana said, "I was not exactly judging Kapil's show, it was more of watching his team perform and responding to it. There are hundreds of memes till now and an old joke on how I only laugh on the show. Will I continue to do that in my new show India's Laughter Champion? Well, here I will be judging the contestants and giving them marks, but if for the initial motivation, I have to laugh or smile during an act then that should not be concluded as me laughing over every joke."

The actress recalls an old incident when she started her career on TV, as she said, " I remember in the 80s I did a show Mr Ya Mrs and I had to perform a comic scene and one of the actors said I did not know how to do comedy. He felt making certain expressions was not comedy. And after that for a long time I could not do comedy because I used to feel diffident thinking I will not be able to make anyone laugh. But, as time passed, I gathered the courage and worked hard and I remember how the show was a good example of comedy and I was appreciated for my work."

She also revealed that on TV people might find her laughing at people's jokes but at home, she is the joker and her husband and sons are happily laughing at her jokes.

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