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Arshi: Dipika did not deserve to win BB12

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The Times Of India
09th January, 2019 20:29 IST
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Arshi Khan, who shot to fame after participating in Bigg Boss 11 , is not happy with Dipika Kakar winning the latest season. In an exclusive conversation with the, Arshi revealed that there were other contestants who were better than Dipika and who deserved to win the BB12.
"I never liked Dipika Kakar as a contestant on Bigg Boss 12 . There were many other people who played really well in the game. Be it Romil Chaudhary , Deepak Thakur or Sreesanth , they all played very nice on the show. Like in our season (Bigg Boss 11) Shilpa Shinde was the most deserving one similarly, this year too there were many other contestants as compared to Dipika Kakar who deserved to win the show. So I feel it is a waste to keep the trophy, when your audience is not happy with your victory," shared the actress.
Arshi is not the only one who is upset with Dipika bagging the BB12 trophy. Her BFF Shilpa Shinde has also been venting out her anger ever since, Dipika won the show. From calling her Makkhi to taking a dig at her, Shilpa has been very vocal about his dislike towards the Sasural Simar Ka actress.
In fact, when Dipika was asked about her reaction on Shilpa's comment of calling her cry baby, Dipika had stated, "I don’t know why Shilpa is saying this because I really like her and she has been my favourite. I feel bad but it’s fine. It is her opinion and everyone is entitled to give their opinion.”

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