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Assaulting woman RI, Jajpur district: Man held

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12th May, 2019 17:15 IST

Binjharpur: Saturday, two days after certain locals struck a lady income overseer (RI) and her subordinate while evaluating property misfortune due to Fani in Uttarkul panchayat of this square in Jajpur region, the police captured one of the guilty parties.The blamed, Achyut Pradhan, has a place with Kuanrpur. A manhunt is on to capture the others included, IIC Shiba Charan Behera said.Police enrolled a case under different segments of IPC just as the SC/ST Act and delivered the charged in a court.The episode happened when RI Anita Samad and her subordinate Pramod Nath Sharma of Pritipur income circle had gone to Paikapada Wednesday to evaluate property misfortune due to Fani.After seeing the income authorities the townspeople bolted up the RI’s bike and asked them for what valid reason they had visited the village.

They pushed her and blamed the income authorities for misusing assets for the sake of misfortune appraisal. The townspeople said they had not gotten any help after the Titli cyclonic tempest in spite of the fact that an evaluation was done.The irate locals whipped the RI when she questioned. Afterward, they tied up Pramod Nath Sharma to a tree and beat him up.The residents kept the RI and Nath Sharma stayed tied awake for four hours before the police interceded. Alakunda OIC Ganesh Chandra Ghadai raced to the spot and saved the RI and the income official from the villagers.After their discharge the two met Binjharpur tehsildar Minati Jagdev and educated her about their trial. The tehsildar held up a grievance at Binjharpur police headquarters. Police enrolled a case and captured the charged late Friday night, the IIC included.

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