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ATM fraudsters withdraw lakhs from city bank customers:Police

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The Viral
03rd December, 2019 09:27 IST

Kolkata, Over 30 people, mostly from the city’s Jadavpur area, have lodged complaints that a huge amount of money was withdrawn during the past three days from their accounts by fraudsters, police said on Monday.

Majority of the complaints came from people who had used ATMs of private and nationalised banks around Sukanta Setu at Jadavpur in the southern part of Kolkata.

The police suspect that those behind the crime probably used automated teller machines (ATMs) in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, though the debit cards were in the possession of the original owners, a senior police officer said.

“As per the complaints, several lakhs of rupees were withdrawn from ATMs using some dubious method. These seem to be a matter of ATM skimming. We are analysing the complaints.

Fraudsters seem to have used some old data of customers which they had gathered earlier,” he said.

Nine complaints were lodged at Jadavpur Police Station on Saturday, a few were received on Sunday while the total number reached 32 on Monday.

The victims were mostly salary account holders.

Bank employee Shyamal Karmakar claimed that he had received messages regarding withdrawal of Rs 10,000 from his account thrice on Saturday though he had not used the card.

Barun Halder alleged that his wife has lost several thousands of rupees in transactions which were not done by anyone of their family.

“We have not shared details of our account or our debit cards with anyone. We never at any point of time shared any OTP (one time password). Despite that, we have lost our money,” Halder said.

The police officer said the customers have lodged complaints with their respective banks.

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