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BB 12: Salman lashes out at Surbhi and Rohit

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The Times Of India
07th December, 2018 09:11 IST
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This week Salman Khan will arrive a day in advance to host the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and it seems he is in no mood to spare anyone. The actor pulled up Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti for their behaviour this week. In the new teaser, Salman bashes the two and even asks them if they like disrespecting people. He then tells Surbhi that she likes pin pointing other's mistakes but forgets to see what she has been doing in the house. He even asks if she thinks she will win the game with this attitude.

That's not all, Salman reprimands Rohit for the things he has been saying to fellow contestant, Sreesanth. He asks him if has any talent apart from instigating people. The Bollywood superstar tells Rohit that he has no right to pull down anyone in the house and if he thinks Sreesanth is doing everything for negative footage, even he is doing the same.

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Rohit and Surbhi both look nervous and are speechless as Salman reprimands them.

Also, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode has some interesting surprises in store for the housemates as they will get a chance to meet their loved ones. From Karanvir's wife Teejay and his twin daughters to Dipika's hubby Shoaib Ibrahim and Deepak Thakur's father, the BB 12 house will welcome special guests.

Bollywood actor Ritiesh Deshmukh has also shot for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He went inside the house as a cop and played an interesting task with the housemates.

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