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BB12's Srishty Rode gets hospitalized

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The Times Of India
03rd February, 2019 17:07 IST
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Bigg Boss 12 contestant Srishty Rode has been busy as a bee post her BB12 stint. Looks like her back to back hectic schedules have taken a toll on her health. Srishty who was keeping unwell, was even recently hospitalized.

She shared the news on social media through a video and stated that now she was much better than before. She also said that her work was her topmost priority and that nothing should stop one from doing their job and fulfilling their commitments. The actress went onto make a lot of relations in the BB12 house. From Karanvir Bohra to Rohit Suchanti, the actress found BFFs during her stay.

Srishty, a few weeks ago broke up with her long time boyfriend and fiance Manish Nagdev. The couple had got engaged in February 2018, and were apparently all set to take the plunge this year. Srishty chose to stay mum on this topic while Manish confirmed their split.

“Srishty and I are not together anymore. I don’t wish to give a reason because there is none in particular. All I can say is, minor disagreements and difference of opinion led to it. We were expecting different things from each other. Around three weeks ago, we realised that things were not working out as expected. So, we discussed the future of our relationship and decided that it was better to part ways. I have immense love and respect for Srishty and I will always cherish the time spent with her," said Manish.

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