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BB13: Deepak Thakur calls Shehnaz TRP Queen, tweeted in support of her

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14th January, 2020 12:26 IST

Shehnaz Gill's high-voltage drama continues in TV's famous and most controversial show Bigg Boss 13. Apart from this, the show has reached a very exciting turn. Shehnaz's over-positive love for Siddharth remains the Talk of the Town. Everyone is shocked to see Shehnaz's behavior. Salman Khan also tried hard to convince her.

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Apart from this, while Shehnaz is being trolled for her ill-treatment, on the other hand, Shehnaz's fans are supporting her. The same has now come in support of Shehnaz, contestant Deepak Thakur of Bigg Boss 12. Deepak Thakur has made many tweets in Shehnaz's favor. In a post with this, she wrote - If Shehnaz Gill was so fake, then why not expose her beforehand. She gave everything to Bigg Boss 13. A single contestant who entertained us all. She also came to Salman Khan's wrap for the TRP of the show.

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Deepak wrote in his second tweet - If Shehnaz Gill went so wrong, open the door, leave her from the show. But then on whose show will you put a gun on the shoulder, in the show. TRP will also fall. I wish we were given so much freedom to push, beat and do anything. Deepak Thakur has been a very popular contestant of Bigg Boss 12. During the same show, Deepak Thakur's feelings for Somi Khan made a lot of headlines. 

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