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Bhadrakali fest at Warangal concludes

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The Times Of India
19th July, 2019 04:24 IST

Warangal: The festival at the historic Bhadrakali goddess temple concluded on July 18. The celebrations had begun on July 3, and ended with the Shakhambhari celebrations.

Four tonnes of vegetables and fruits were used to decorate the goddess. All the fruits were brought from Bangalore, while vegetables were brought from markets in Hyderabad and Warangal.

Devotees thronged the temple for the holy offerings. Due to the moon eclipse, the temple was closed early in the evening. The operating hours caused inconvenience to the devotees. Kilometer-long queues thronged with devotees and the temple premises became overcrowded with large numbers. The police and the endowment staff were on hand to control the devotees.

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