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Bhogi Mantalu in city spread warmth, light

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The Times Of India
14th January, 2021 04:45 IST

Hyderabad: Bhogi marked the beginning of Sankranti festival with several people lighting bonfires during the morning. The aroma of sweet pongal, colours of rangoli and kites and the warmth of the Bhogi Mantalu made for a perfect start to Makar Sankranti — the winter harvest festival.

Bhogi Mantalu is synonymous with discarding the old and bringing in the new, observed by piling up and burning of some old wood and furniture in the house. “Children of our society got together and collected old furniture, wood sticks from various households in order to light the Bhogi Mantalu,” said Chavva Vinod, a resident of Malkajgiri.

Telugu households wore a festive look with ‘muggu’ or rangolis along with portions of rice and turmeric adorning houses. Sankranti Sandadi was held at many places where a traditional Gangireddu, a decorated Ox, performed at his masters instructions. While ‘Haridasu’ went on to narrate ancient stories of kings, their kingdoms and Hindu gods, the Tuppaki Laccanna went on to bluff around just to make people laugh in several areas.

Several people restricted their Bhogi celebrations at home, dancing around the bonfire. Resident welfare associations arranged a variety of programmes to engage locals in traditional and cultural festivities. The old and young alike took to their rooftops for kite-flying.

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