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Bhupesh government of Chhattisgarh made 'Triple G' a weapon for development, know what is 'Triple G'

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12th October, 2019 12:07 IST

Raipur: The Lok Sabha elections were disappointing for the Congress, which came back to power with an overwhelming majority in Chhattisgarh after 15 years. The party could not repeat the success achieved in the Assembly in the Lok Sabha. Therefore, the Bhupesh Baghel-led Congress government has come up with a new modus of development in the state. It has been called the Gandhian model. It is associated with 'gram swaraj' and cow. The government has waived off farmers' loans, increased the bonus of tendu leaves collectors, halved electricity usage bills by 400 units.

After this, the government is now preparing to build more and more gaushalas and provide subsidized ration to the poor in the villages. CM Bhupesh Baghel told a news agency that following the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, his party came to power in the state, and would work towards realizing his idea of 'Gram Swaraj'. BJP has targeted the government for this. Stray cattle are a major challenge in the state, out of 1.28 crore animals, 30 lakh are stray. An official of the Chief Minister's Office said that the villagers provided 30 thousand acres of land to themselves, the government has constructed 2 thousand shelters so far and plans to build another thousand by next year.

The CM said that the residents of Kandel village in Dhamtari district have constructed the cowshed without any government help. The official said, 'Kandel village also has historical significance. The villagers here started a movement against the tax levied on the canal waters by the British, in which Mahatma Gandhi also participated.

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