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Bigg Boss 12 December 6, 2018 highlights: Surbhi becomes captain of the house

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06th December, 2018 22:55 IST

Sreesanth’s team wins the Droom car task after Deepak the Sanchalak declares them as the winner. Rohit and Surbhi emerge as the two contenders for the captaincy by winning the Bigg Boss School Bus task. But to become the next captain of the house, they will have to convince their fellow inmates to vote in their favour. The task means a lot to both Rohit and Surbhi because it holds the key to direct entry in the semi-finale week. Karanvir is named as the Sanchalak of the task.

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task. The housemates are divided into two teams. Jasleen had to sing for Rohit while Deepak had to sing for Surbhi. There are stages named as Rohit Sangeet Sabha and Surbhi Sangeet Sabha. Rohit and Surbhi have the toughest task in hand – to convince fellowinmates to vote for them. The voters have to run towards the golden chair and name the person who they want to see as the new captain. They are also expected to explain why they are supporting them. On receiving a vote for their respective team person, Deepak and Jasleen are expected to sing. [ALSO READ: Romil Chaudhary dancing to Chadti Jawani in Bigg Boss 12 is the best thing you'll watch today]

In order to win the task, both Surbhi and Rohit apologize to their fellow contestants for their behavior in the past. But this lands the housemates in a dilemma because they will have to choose the one who less arrogant than the other. Both Rohit and Surbhi have had ugly spats with their fellow contestants and hence the dilemma. Megha, Sreesanth and Somi vote for Surbhi to make her the new captain of the house. Later in the evening, Rohit and Romil take a dig at Sreesanth’s career as a cricketer.  This upsets Sreesanth a lot.



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