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Bigg Boss 12 winner Deepika losses weight for this reason

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17th June, 2019 14:59 IST

Big Boss 12's winner Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim is being liked a lot these days on the Star Plus show Kanha hum Kanha Tum, Deepika Kakkar will be seen in the role of Actress Sonakshi and Deepika has lost weight for the serial. Yes, according to Deepika, she has been motivated by her husband Shoaib Ibrahim to do so. In a recent interview, Deepika said, "Inside the Big Boss's house, we get away from eating. So when I get out of that house, I start eating a lot. This caused me to gain weight significantly.

For weight loss, I have resorted to the keto diet. It's quite strict. I'm eating only limited food. Also, Shoaib forces me for diets and workouts. "When Shoaib came to know about my role, he told me, "You have to do weight loss for Sonakshi's character," Deepika further said of her role, "Fans have never seen her in such a look."

All of you may remember that this is Deepika's first TV serial after marriage and was previously the lead act of Deepika Colors Channel's show-in-law Simer. There was her husband Shoaib Ibrahim and where we said you've been released a promo. At the same time, Deepika is accompanied by TV actor Karan V Grover in the lead role, and 'Where Are We You Are' plays Deepika's character in the serial Sonakshi and Rohit in the Karan show.

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