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Bihar: Godess Durga kills 'Demon' Imran Khan

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07th October, 2019 11:16 IST

Begusarai: Durga Puja has been popular in Begusarai, Bihar. In around 350 temples here, grand decoration has been done by making one idol of Goddess Durga. On Monday, people are gathering in all the temples to worship Siddhidatri, the ninth form of Goddess. The decoration and the idol of Mata Durga are creating one to one charm.

But amidst all this, the statue installed in the Goshala Road of the city headquarters is creating a different atmosphere. There the statue is instilling patriotism in the people. A statue of Maa Durga Killing Pakistan Pm Imran Khan is made. In this Bhagwati temple, a statue of Imran Khan as Mahishasura is made and mother Durga is keeping him with her spear.

The Pooja Committee thinks the current demon for India is Pakistan's PM Imran Khan. Therefore, mother Durga should kill it. Mukesh Vikram, who came to see the fair, says that this statue is giving a new look. Making people aware of the enemy of the country. 

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