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Bihar man beaten to death in Arunachal Pradesh, resentment among people

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13th October, 2019 17:11 IST

Patna: People are angry at the incident of beating a man from Bihar in Arunachal Pradesh. Angry people have protested in the state over the incident. Local people and people of other states have protested outside the mini secretariat in Arunachal Pradesh demanding justice for the deceased Dinesh Sahni in protest against the incident.

According to the news, two men named Gida Poonio and Pasang Sektar were going from a Scorpio car, Poono was driving. The incident is of the Si Donai Ground, located near the Naharlagun Heliped. During this, the Tata mobile van leaves from there which is immersing the idols of Maa Durga. The van was driven by a man named Deol Chaudhary, his van smashes into a wall, hitting the Scorpio car and Scooty.

After this, Punio starts abusing Deol. During this, 11 other people were also in his van along with Deol. According to eyewitnesses, Punio goes with Deol's mobile number saying that his Scorpio car will have to be repaired in return. However, after this, Punio is admitted to Tomo Riba Hospital due to physical problems. But he dies there.

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