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Birds bear brunt of manjha in city, many won't fly again

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The Times Of India
15th January, 2020 04:37 IST

Jaipur: Kite festival again turns out to be horrific day for birds. A bright sunny day with ideal kite flying conditions on Tuesday turned out to be problematic for the winged creatures in the city. Despite a ban on the deadly glass-coated manjha (string) and mass awareness campaigns by the admin, scores of birds were grievously injured. The volunteers rescuing injured birds were ferrying them in show boxes to temporary med camps but the baskets fall short as the number of injured birds increased when the day progressed. The kite strings caused mass death of birds, both indigenous and foreign species.

A Grey Lag Geese rescued from Benar Road was diagnosed with the joint capsule rupture of wing with severe laceration of wing. “The bird underwent cross pinning to stabilize the joint. It is likely to survive,” said veterinarians Dr Ushma Patel and Dr Rina Dev who treated the bird at the makeshift bird hospital at Ramniwas Garden.

Rohit Gangwal of RAKSHA NGO holding a medical camp informed that the day saw one of the highest injured birds. “Our team of doctors have handled over 200 injured birds with many of them will never able to fly again,” said Gangwal.

Similar is the situation at a bird rescue camp at EWCS at Jain temple in Raja Park. Dr Vikas Sharma told that the rescue calls have come from even far-off areas like Bhakrota, Tail end of Sitapura and Kalawar. “I believe that more number of rescue centres must come up to handle the rising rescue calls. The far-off calls means that chances of bird survival is very low as the caller rarely guard the injured bird for an hour or two,” said Sharma.

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