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Caracas fire: Huge explosion rocks Venezuelan capital as blaze seen across city

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23rd May, 2020 15:36 IST

A huge fire is raging in the Venezuelan capital after a fuel truck crashed, it has been reported.

At around 5am local time this morning a oil tanker exploded in Caracas.

Footage taken by witnesses on the ground shows great walls of fire leaping up many metres above the wrecked vehicle.

Ariel footage shows the flames rising above the skyline of nearby highrises.

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It is not currently known whether the blast caused any injuries.

Locals on Twitter reported that the explosion took place on the Francisco Fajardo highway which connects the east of the city to the west.

A witness to the fire wrote: "The flare is awesome, the sound somewhat haunting."

Fire fighters rushed to the scene and doused the fire with hoses.

Venezuela is desperately short of petrol despite sitting on one of the world' biggest oil reserves.

US sanction designed to push President president Nicolás Maduro from power has seen oil imports to the country stop, aside from Iran.

Its oil refineries have collapsed after years of mismanagement.

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