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City-activists create awareness on single-use plastic through activism

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The Times Of India
10th October, 2019 18:45 IST

To take a stand on the ban of single use plastic, city-based Maheshwari Mandal held a rally in the city recently. The march saw women, students, young activists, climate warriors and among others march across the city to create awareness among the citizens on single use plastic and how it has been harming the environment. They held placards that had various messages like save climate, go eco-friendly, ban plastic use etc. to grab the onlooker’s attention.

The government aimed to take another step towards a clean country by spreading awareness about plastic pollution , especially targeting single use plastic. In his Independence Day address to the nation, PM Narendra Modi had stressed on the need to free India from single-use plastic. “The time for implementing this has come. On October 2, we will take a strong step in this direction. With the help of the citizens of India, we can bid adieu to single-use plastic. I also urge start-ups to come up with solutions to recycle plastic waste,” Modi had said in the August 15 speech. Thus, in the wake of this decision, the group came together.

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