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City girl is Malaysia's first Lamaze childbirth educator

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The Times Of India
12th September, 2019 04:42 IST

Visakhapatnam: When Namrita Bendapudi saw the stress and anxiety that pregnant women undergo regarding the birth experience as they have heard mainly negative stories about labour and the process of childbirth, she decided to pursue childbirth education with the motive to inform, empower and support couples through their pregnancy journey.

The 34-year-old is a native of Visakhapatnam and the first Lamaze educator in Malaysia. She is also a trained breastfeeding peer counselor and is undergoing training to get certified as a breastfeeding counselor with Childbirth International.

Most pregnant women, said Namrita, dread the process of childbirth even before they have conceived. What can be a life-changing experience is often looked upon as a negative one that must be endured instead. It is for this reason that many women now opt for a Caesarean surgery, assuming it to be less painful. The decision is often based on fear, and without understanding its pros and cons or the consequences of having a major surgery when there is no valid medical need.

As a childbirth educator, Namrita offers women the chance to explore the physiological side of birth. When asked what made her choose this profession, “The birth of my daughter made me choose this profession. I attended childbirth classes in 2015 to prepare myself and my husband for the birth of my child. The classes completely changed the way I viewed my body and birth.”

Namrita, who has been conducting classes for the past three-and-a-half-years, said, “In my classes, I help couples first understand what actually happens in a physiological birth. Once there is clear information and understanding, there is less chance for fear and anxiety. In addition, I teach them natural methods to cope with labour as well as a shift in mindset about labour. I also discuss evidence-based research findings about birth, interventions, benefits and risks and C-section surgeries.”

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