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City MLA Vijendra Chaudhary will again become kingmaker, will openly do corporate politics

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14th October, 2021 15:45 IST

City MLA Vijendra Chaudhary will once again openly do the politics of the municipal corporation. Not from behind the scenes, but from behind the scenes, they will come forward and take up the campaign to oust Suresh Kumar from the mayor's chair. He supported the no-confidence motion brought against the mayor and will unite the councilors to get it passed. The city legislator, who ruled the politics of the municipal corporation for one and a half decades, was away from it for four and a half years. He believes that being away from the corporation has caused the plight of the city. Became an MLA on November 7 and is about to complete one year. After that they will start coming and going in the corporation.

To ensure that the corporation runs properly, the councilors will be given guidance. He says that he helped Suresh Kumar twice to become the mayor, but he did not get qualified, so he wants to put a qualified councilor on this chair so that the city can develop rapidly during the remaining six months of the current board. . The MLA says that if there is a direct election for the mayor in the coming time, he will field his candidate.

Anti-mayor camp engaged in mobilization of councilors

The councilors, who brought a no-confidence motion against the mayor, are now busy gathering numbers. It is headed by Rakesh Kumar Sinha, the closest councilor of the city MLA. He is taking all possible steps to break the mayor's supporters. They are playing their own tricks to weaken the opposing camp.

Mayor's pro camp also active

While Mayor Suresh Kumar is trying to stop the resolution brought against him by legal gimmicks, the councilors of his camp are also trying to increase their strength. In this work, he is getting the support of the former Urban Development and Housing Minister. Although the former minister is not coming out in the open, but according to the information coming from the inside, he is standing with the mayor against the city MLA.

The role of Municipal Commissioner will be important after Durga Puja

There is a state of confusion among the councilors regarding the no-confidence motion. If the mayor does not convene a special meeting of the municipal board to discuss the proposal within seven days, then the role of the municipal commissioner will become important. The right to convene a meeting after seven days will be in the court of the councilors who bring the proposal. It has to be seen whether the Municipal Commissioner calls a special meeting after the date is fixed by the councilors.

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