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City students take advantage of summer internship opportunities

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The Times Of India
24th June, 2022 03:32 IST

Ludhiana: The New Education Policy ( NEP ) suggests that students need to get real-time experience of different occupations and environments, and for that, it suggests internship programme as part of school curricula. Taking the lead, Ludhiana city schools have already devised an internship programme for students.

“The internship programme will be compulsory for all students of senior schools from 2025,” said A P Sharma , principal of Kundan Vidya Mandir and also a member of the Delhi Education Board.

Sharma added, “The experiential learning through internship will give children first-hand insight and enable them to make better and well-informed decisions for their careers.”

A group of 10 students of KVM School has gone to Singapore for an internship programme being organised by Global Cert, Singapore. Besides, 198 students have also undergone internships within the city under experts. Around 60 medical students are visiting hospitals in the city and 78 commerce students are visiting industries and chartered accountants. Also, 16 humanity students have been allowed to visit NGOs and law firms in the city.

In BCM Arya school, Shastri Nagar, food production students join big MNCs, and psychology students are getting trained under psychologists. CBSE coordinator and principal of BCM Arya School, Paramjit Kaur said, “Through internships, children will become more aware of their choice of career. The students are in the field and learning ground realities during summer break. Once they complete the internship, they have to submit a report immediately after the summer break, especially students with vocational subjects. Those who undergo internships have an edge over other candidates, as they have the certificates.”

At DCM Presidency School, seven students from Class XII Humanities are doing internships under psychologists. Rajni Kalra, principal of the school, said, “The goal is to give students a head start as future psychologists. The students are learning about case study designs, and branches of psychology and are getting to attend real-life child therapy sessions. They are also doing a project on developing the proper case history of around 10 clients. Students are also doing sessions for other students and trainees on various clinical psychology topics and so far are getting great praises from the mentors.”

Abhi Chawla (16) from the commerce stream of KVM School, who underwent an internship under CA said, “I am finding it to be an enriching experience. I learned practical aspects like audit and financial accounting.”

Mehtaab Arora (18) a non-medical student of KVM, who worked with an NGO, said, “ This will not only shape my future, but also has given me an insight into the society. I am utilising the summer break in best possible way.”

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