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City studio to plant saplings named on Tolly artistes

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The Times Of India
14th August, 2019 17:11 IST

Dassani studio has come up with a unique way of bonding with artistes while also contributing to the environment. According to the studio’s new initiative, they will plant a sapling named on an artiste to promote the environment. It also aims to build a connection between the studio and artistes in the industry. The boundary wall of the studio complex will be lined with trees planted by the artistes.

Talking about it, Amitabh Dassani from the studio, said, “Rituparna Sengupta planted a sapling today to mark the beginning of the initiative. It’s amazing that after 10-15 years when we will see the tree, we will remember it by Rituparna’s name. This is just the beginning and we shall continue to get other artistes on board. This way, we hope the artiste build an attachment with not just the studio but also the environment.”

Rituparna Sengupta, who was present at the studio to plant the first sapling, said, “I found the concept very interesting. Jungles are shrinking day by day. It’s time we took our environment seriously. I am thankful to Amitabh for inviting me to take such an initiative forward. A number of artistes, technicians and workers frequent the studio and it’s a good idea to give it an eco-friendly touch while also promoting a good relationship with the artistes. The environment plays a major part in our lives. So, it’s imperative to keep it beautiful and healthy. I planted a Khrishnachura sapling today. I planted a sapling of Khrishnachura today and it felt great.”

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