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City witnesses drop in fresh Covid cases

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The Times Of India
14th January, 2021 04:46 IST

Nashik: The number of freshCovid cases reported daily has dropped in Nashik city as 128 cases were recorded on an average in the last five days.

In the first week of January, 158 cases were reported per day. The number of active patients has also reduced due to the rise in the number of patients recovering.

“Early detection of Covid-19 patients and timely treatment have increased the number of patients recovering and have reduced the death rate in the city. This has also helped to reduce the number of active cases in the last one month,” said Bapusaheb Nagargoje, the medical superintendent of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC).

There was a spike in the number of Covid cases in September as 867 cases were reported per day.

But the trend started to change as the number of cases reduced in October. As many as 338 cases were reported on an average in October.

After which, there was a further drop in the number of new cases in November as 157 cases were registered per day but the cases marginally increased to 181 cases per day in December.

But the city has again reported a drop in the number of new cases during the last five days between January 8 and 12.

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