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City youngsters help administration in rescue operations

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The Times Of India
10th October, 2019 18:10 IST

Patna is bouncing back to its normal life after braving the rains for 10 days. The water level in the worst affected areas has begun to recede and people are stepping out of their homes for daily chores. Those who were trapped in the flood could not thank people enough, especially those who were continuously engaged in the rescue operations and lent a strong helping hand to the city administration. While the flood situation is under control, the young volunteers have now started the cleanliness drive. According to them, it will take a fortnight for the situations to be normal like before.

Youths supported NDRF team
The posh localities, including Rajendra Nagar, were badly hit by the flood waters. The city-based youths came forward and rescued several people. Irfan Ahmad Noori, convenor of a youth-based online portal, Patna Diaries, said, “Our team of 12 members are still engaged in relief works around Rajendra Nagar and Bazaar Samiti areas. We have provided them with food, water, medicines and sanitary pads. Besides, we also helped the NDRF team in rescuing people who were trapped in the flood water. We have formed three small teams. One team provided relief materials to the people at their doors. Second team provided relief to those who were trapped in deep water of over two feet. The third team rescued people from their houses. After the water level went down, we have now taken the initiative to clean the areas and sprinkle bleaching powder everywhere. We will collaborate with Patna Municipal Corporation in this drive, so that people don’t suffer from water borne diseases.”

Sharing similar views, Neda Ali, a student and a member of Patna Food Bloggers Community, said, “We have been engaged in the relief operations since September 30. People were crying for help in the flood. So, we decided to help them as much as possible. Not only did we rescue them to safe places but we also provided them with much needed relief materials in various localities of the city.”

Young volunteers rescue sick people
Some youngsters took it upon themselves to take sick people and pregnant women to the hospitals. Ishan Paul, a budding entrepreneur, said, “My group of eight members have rescued people in the Machua Toli area, which was submerged in water for over a week. People were suffering badly in that area. Children and pregnant women needed immediate help. So, we tried to save them. Our relief work continued for seven days and after that we were engaged in cleaning the area.”

Used social sites to contact with flood-victims
A group of young volunteers took to social sites to share their numbers, so that people in need could contact them immediately. They provided them help 24x7 for the first five days. Priya Nath, a student and travel blogger, said, “On the first day, we formed a team that was engaged in giving information about the affected areas where the situation was very critical. Once we got a call, we reached them soon via a boat or even a tractor with medicines, water and food packets.”

Another student, Puja Kaushik, also came up with a team to provide help. She said, “We collected funds from our friends and relatives and bought oral rehydration solution, anti-septic lotions, medicines of viral fever . We also carried some food packets. Each one of us shared our numbers on social sites, so that people could contact us easily.”

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