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City youths beautify village school

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The Times Of India
14th February, 2020 19:21 IST

HUBBALLI: These youths united under forum of ‘Color My City (CMC)’ is beautifying public places and government schools with colorful and meaningful paintings. This group of youths, involving engineers, businessmen, lecturers, artists, has now moved to rural areas to beautify government schools.

As a part of their “Color My School’, they have painted compound and class rooms of the government higher primary school in Sherewad located at outskirts of Hubballi. Kiran Uppar, founder, CMC, told that his friends have already beautified four government schools in Hubballi city. “When teachers of these schools said strength and attendance of students is increased after beautification, we are thrilled to know that our efforts are turning fruitful. Then we thought of taking up a rural government school. We approached Government Higher Primary School and villagers of Sherewad, where many developmental works are taken up by the department and villagers” he explained.

He further said, “About 15 youths Sachin Ganger, Naveen Hattibelgal, Nagraj Katavi, Naseem, Amol Deshkulkarni, Jeetendra Shigihalli, Basavaraj Mulgund, Sagar Hallolli, Gouse, Vijay Hurkadli, Shivprasad Anveri, Parashuram Taralbench, Abhishek Kaujalgi, Rakesh Toppagi, Kiran Sunkad, Raju Katti, from different walks of life came forward to paint in the school on Sundays and during their leisure time. Work started from Jan 26 and ended on Feb 10. Totally we worked there for six days. Nehru Yuva Kendra contributed Rs 20,000 for paint and we spent over Rs 10,000”.

Jeetendra Shigihalli, a lecturer at Oxford College, said that it was pleasant time to spend in village to paint a government school. “Though we did it in Sundays and after school hours, local students and villagers supported us a lot in this work. Particularly students were more enthusiastic to watch our activities” he shared.

Lingaraj Niduvani, an environmentalist and localite, observed that apart from painting walls, these youths drew attractive but educative paintings on available space. “Awareness paintings on cleanliness, healthcare, physical fitness, nature and other issues are attracting students. City youths celebrated their Sundays as Fun days here to give a beautiful look to the government school” he appreciated.

N V Sasalwad, school Head Mistress, beautification is motivating students to learn enthusiastically. “Our school has many facilities but it was deprived of beautification. This initiative will definitely enhance learning quality among students and teaching quality among teachers. We are proud that our school is now looking attractive on par with any private school” she commented.

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