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Cops bust international drug racket in Nellore

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The Times Of India
08th October, 2019 12:28 IST

Vijayawada: The special task force police arrested four persons for allegedly supplying different kinds of narcotic substances in Nellore town on Monday.

The accused were identified as Samuel Uche (42) from Nigeria, Yehiram Nunes (35) from Guinea Bissau, V Lakshmi Narayana (23) from Chennai and Shaik Sadiq (21) from Nellore city.

According to police, they received information about the gang trying to supply drugs to Sadiq, a BCA student in Rao’s College in Nellore. Soon, the special task force sleuths caught the gang red-handed while transacting the drugs. The cops said that they have seized 600 mgs of LSD, 900 mgs of NDMA, 1.04 grams of cocaine and one car from them.

Explaining the entire racket, the cops said that Lakshminarayanan from Chennai learnt the process of online booking and obtaining drugs from his friend Nawaz. Lakshminarayanan used to order synthetic drugs online by accessing banned websites selling contraband by accessing ‘Darknet’, a hidden network in the internet that is accessible only by using a special TOR browser. The payment for the drugs are made through bitcoins.

Samuel Uche and Yehiram Nunes used to purchase drugs from some drug dealers in Bengaluru and supply it to students. Sadiq came into the picture after he became acquainted with other suppliers at parties in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Verifying the credentials of Uche and Nunes, cops found that they were staying in India illegally as both their visas had expired. Cases were registered under relevant sections of NDPS Act and Foreigners Registration Act at Krishnapatnam police station against the accused.

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