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Cop's son duped with job promise

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The Times Of India
22nd October, 2019 04:29 IST

Ahmedabad: Two days after city police busted a job scam, one more victim, son of a policeman, came forward and filed a complaint with Vejalpur police alleging that the five persons cheated him of Rs 71,500 by luring him of a job at the city airport.

In his FIR with Vejalpur police, Vijay Desai, 34, who works with a private security agency, said that he had in June got a call from a woman who promised a job at the city airport for which he paid Rs 1,500. Desai’s father worked at Shahibaugh police headquarters.

After few days, he got call from a man who told him to pay Rs 10,000 for his uniform and Desai again followed the instructions and paid the money. Later, another woman called Desai up and told him to pay Rs 20,000 as indemnity bond and he again paid the money. On July 3, a man called up Desai and said that he had to pay Rs 40,000 more to finalise his job and added that a cab from the airport will come to receive and drop him from July 4 onwards. Desai paid the money and waited for the cab. When he tried to contact the caller, hefound that phone was switched off. tnn

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