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Corona cases increasing again in Xinjiang, China, lockdown imposed in Gulja city

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14th October, 2021 14:46 IST

Due to the Corona epidemic, problems have arisen again for the Uighurs of China, who are already living in difficult conditions. The Chinese authorities have imposed other COVID-19 restrictions, including a lockdown, in the city of Gulza in view of the increase in the cases of the deadly corona infection in the region.

People living in Gulza, a city in northern Xinjiang, have expressed their concern on social media about the Corona restrictions. Due to which they are facing more difficulties. Radio Free Asia reported that many families have already been devastated by the Corona restrictions in China's detention camps.

The residents of Gulja also informed that their doors have been locked from outside and they are stuck in their homes for at least a week. A resident said, 'The doors are locked, sealed and we are imprisoned in our homes. They are not able to go out of their homes even for jobs.

Meanwhile, the sudden imposition of the lockdown by the Chinese authorities has made it difficult for people to go out and shop for food, Radio Free Asia reported. A person from the Uighur community wrote on social media, 'Be brave my people of Gulja imprisoned in your homes since October 3. Especially those who depend on daily income. Be patient, there is some wisdom hidden in everything.

According to the Global Times report, a week ago, China's Fujian province also saw a spurt in cases of corona. Authorities ordered the closure of schools in several cities after more than 150 cases were reported.

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