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Delhi: Woman teams up with her lover to bump off husband

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The Times Of India
21st October, 2019 05:50 IST

NEW DELHI: Three years ago, 27-year-old Anita shifted to Rajender Nagar with her husband Daya Ram (39). Every morning, Ram left home to do odd jobs at factories. Anita, meanwhile, spent her day talking to the women in the neighbourhood and taking care of her son.

Two days before Valentine’s Day in 2015, Anita met a neighbour named Arjun (34) outside her house. It was love at first sight for them. As their love blossomed , Anita started spending most of her time with Arjun while her husband was away.

Early this year, Anita and Arjun decided to move in together. As Arjun’s wife and his three kids lived in Malda in West Bengal, he did not have any issues moving in with Anita. Problems, however, began for Anita as her husband got suspicious.

Ram soon got wind of his wife’s affair when he came home one afternoon for lunch and found Arjun in his bedroom. Furious, he put restrictions on Anita and threatened Arjun with dire consequences. A desperate Anita started quarrelling with him on a daily basis and sought divorce .

Ram, however, was not keen on divorcing his wife as he was thinking about the future of their teenaged son. This was when Arjun and Anita planned to kill Ram. As per plan, Arjun pretended to having distanced himself from Anita. Calling Ram his friend, he said he would never betray him. On October 16, Arjun invited Ram for a party to start things afresh.

He bought whisky and glasses from a shop in central Delhi and took Ram to the terrace of an under-construction building. An hour later, Ram got inebriated after consuming a dozen pegs. Arjun then took him near the stairs on the terrace and pushed him off the lift shaft. Ram fell on his head from a height of around 45 feet.

Arjun then took out Ram’s phone from his pocket, threw its battery in the shaft and handed over the phone to Anita asking her to tell police that he had left his phone behind.

On the morning of October 17, cops rushed to the spot after call to the PCR about a body lying in an under-construction building. Near the body, cops found a bag containing a tiffin box, paper slips and a muffler, apart from the battery.

A bottle of whisky and glasses was also recovered from the terrace. “An FIR was registered and a team led by inspectors Ramesh Lamba and Lalit Kumar was formed under ACP Naresh Kumar to crack the case,” said DCP (Central) Mandeep Randhawa.

The first breakthrough came when police found three phone numbers on the paper slip recovered from the spot. This led to the identification of the body as one of the numbers belonged to Ram’s friend.

Cops then analysed his mobile number and questioned his wife and relatives. Anita’s statements were found to be conflicting. The team also started monitoring Arjun as he was the last person Ram had called. Arjun was found to be in constant touch with Anita and their mobile locations also matched. When cops questioned the two, they confessed to the crime and were arrested.

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