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Dengue cases spike in Nashik city after recent heavy rain

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Nashik: The return of heavy rain has also caused a spike in the number of dengue cases in Nashik city. In the past week alone, 39 cases of dengue were reported.

There has been a rise in dengue infection in September, and in just 20 days, the city has reported 81 patients. With these fresh cases, the number of total dengue cases since January has increased to 253.

There was a dengue outbreak in July and August last year. The city had reported 185 cases in July, 311 in August and 256 cases in September 2021.

NMC officials, however, claimed the number of dengue cases is lower this year due to various measures taken by the civic body. The city reported 23 cases in July this year, and 98 in August, while 81 cases have been reported this month so far, said NMC officials.

The civic officials said there has been intermittent rain over the past few days. As a result, water accumulation at various locations may have taken place. This is an ideal condition for mosquito breeding.

“We are taking all precautions to destroy mosquito breeding spots in the city in a bid to curb the spread of dengue,” officials said.

NMC has appealed to people to ensure that mosquito breeding spots are not created due to water accumulation. Moreover, they should immediately approach doctors in case of fever and cough.

The civic body has also issued a public advisory on precautions to be taken. The advisory includes cleaning and drying water storage places — such as water tanks or overhead tanks — once every week, covering all the household water storage units so that mosquito breeding spots are not created, disposal of scrap material like tyres, keeping school and office premises clean, wearing covered clothes etc.

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