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Dengue strikes Rajkot, Jamnagar and Junagadh

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The Times Of India
12th October, 2019 04:00 IST

Rajkot: Dengue cases in Rajkot , Jamnagar and Junagadh are increasing rapidly , according to CDHO data Rajkot rural recorded more than 200 cases since July, out of which 117 cases were reported in September and October only.

While 245 dengue positive cases were reported in September and October from Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) areas. According to sources three people have died from dengue in Rajkot city, though the RMC authorities have confirmed only one death in this season.

According to official data, total 595 dengue positive cases have been reported in the last two months in Jamnagar city, of which 270 cases were reported in the first 11 days of October itself. Altogether five people have died from dengue since July in Jamnagar city, while the entire district have reported more than 100 positive cases in last two months.

According to sources, Junagadh has also reported nearly 400 dengue positive cases.

RMC has advised people suffering from fever to call on its helpline number. Municipal commissioner Udit Agarwal said, “As soon as we get a call, our health worker reach the patient’s house and conduct necessary tests and provide treatment.”

However, the private hospitals put the number of dengue patients registered as more than 400. “A patient can be confirmed as dengue positive only after enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, while private hospitals declare figures including suspected cases too,” Agrwal explained.

Meanwhile, Rajkot district development officer A R Ranavasia, who had been admitted to hospital for suspected dengue fever, however, proved to be suffering from viral infection only.

In Rajkot rural, 55 dengue positive cases were reported in September while 62 cases were reported in the first 11 days of October.

Rajkot taluka is most affected in rural areas where 44 positive cases reported in last 40 days. RMC has deployed 346 teams in Rajkot city on anti-mosquito drive, of which 54 teams have been deployed in the majorly affected Dhoraji taluka.

Manish Bhanderi, chief district health officer of Rajkot, said, “Mosquito starts a dangerous cycle of spreading dengue virus and we are trying to contain it by destroying mosquito breeding sites.”

R S Joshi health officer of Jamnagar municipal corporation said “For the anti-mosquito drive, we have got teams of multi-health workers from seven districts as well as taken the help of students of nursing college. Total 500 people are working since September 23 and have completed nearly cleaning 1.5 lakh houses where mosquito breeding sites have been destroyed.”

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