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Dilapidated govt school in Kolar turns smart in 2 months

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The Times Of India
14th May, 2019 04:58 IST
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KOLAR: Only a few months ago, many students from the Government Kannada Higher Primary School in Kolar’s Seeti village were about to say goodbye to their institution owing to its dilapidated classrooms , lack of potable water and stinking toilets.

Parents of some students even pulled out their wards from the school and enrolled them in others over 15km away.

But in June, when students return to school this year, the scene won’t be the same. Decked-up classrooms, clean drinking water, hygienic toilets, a well-maintained playground and play equipment will greet them, thanks to the initiative taken by The Rotary Club Bangalore Orchards (District 3190) and Punjabi Sabha, an NGO.

The renovated school was inaugurated on Sunday in the presence of school staff.

The transformation came within two months and the change is not just limited to infrastructure. Even the learning material for children under Nali-Kali (Learn With Fun) has been updated and classrooms have been made more welcoming.

NM Vanajakshee, headmistress and teacher at the school, said, “With improvement in infrastructure and other facilities provided by the two organisations, we hope to see a rise in the number of students.”

The renovation is part of The Rotary Club Bangalore Orchards (District 3190) initiative to identify and renovate 125 schools in Kolar district under Happy School project.

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