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Dipika Kakar hits a million followers on Insta

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The Times Of India
07th December, 2018 11:08 IST
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Bigg Boss 12 contestant Dipika Kakar , who is currently locked in the house, has a reason to rejoice. The actress has crossed one million followers on Instagram. She joined the social media site in January, 2015.

The ' Sasural Simar Ka ' actress is currently one of the strongest contestants on the show and her bonding with Sreesanth is being loved by the viewers. Without indulging in unnecessary fights and playing the game gracefully, the actress has won hearts of the viewers within a short span of time.

Even though she has often been criticized for her emotional outbursts, the actress doesn't take it to her heart and is focused on the game. Her demeanor in the widely-watched show is also responsible for the increase in her fan following.

Dipika, who shot to popularity as Simar with Sasural Simar Ka, got married to her co-star from the same show, Shoaib Ibrahim , earlier this year. The wedding took place in Shoaib's hometown, Bhopal.

Bigg Boss 12 will very soon witness a family special episode and Shoaib will be visiting the reality series during the luxury budget task.

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