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Diwali 2019- 5 Places in India To Celebrate Diwali

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21st October, 2019 05:47 IST

November, the month of utter relaxation in terms of weather stability in India impresses travellers of all classes and tastes to get their back straightened. While northern part of India at this time gets relieved of sweltering summer, the eastern part bids good bye to over pouring monsoon. Walking on the same line both the southern and western part of the country start to cool down and get prepared to welcome their die-hard fans. Due to this comfortable weather, travellers from any part of the globe find November as the best suitable time to travel to India. But exactly where to travel in November is one big query novice traveller would surely love to know.

* Pushkar, Rajasthan

A religious town on the heart of Rajasthan, Pushkar blends a perfect combination of old world charm, divine intonation and commercial gigs. The set of bathing ghats, back to back temples, bustling streets and an episodic soundtrack of chanting, drums and gongs generate a mysterious feel among the travellers. Only around 11km from the hallowed city of Ajmer, this small vibrant city is thronged by a huge crowd of hippies and foreign travelers. The best thing to see in Pushkar is the celebrated Camel Fair where around 50,000 camels take part. This camel fair is undoubtedly one of the best things to see in November and claimed to be one of its kinds in South-East Asia. These camels are dressed in colourful ornaments and clothes and are taken to walk in ramp, take part in race and traded as well.


* Udaipur, Rajasthan

The lake city of Udaipur is another ideal place to travel in November. The royal residences, planned gardens and above all the lake palaces are the centre of attractions of Udaipur. Just like other popular sightseeing destinations of Rajasthan, the city is dotted with gorgeous forts which convey message about the chivalric as well as regale past of the state. Among the must see travel options in Udaipur, City Palace, Lake Palace, Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary are the most famous. Also if you are particular about attending the fairs and festivals of the destination you are heading to, then Muharram or Taziya can be a must attend event in November in Udaipur.

* Hampi, Karnataka

The resplendent reminiscence of the erstwhile Bijayanagara Kingdom, Hampi is a history buffs’ delight. Located near Hospet town in Karnataka state of South India, this magnificent travel destination has splendid architectural remains, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings and every petty thing associated with royal residence. Undoubtedly, one of the best Indian holiday destinations for backpackers, Hampi is reckoned to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The towering temples of Hampi are surrounded by undulating green fields, jade-green palm groves and wide stretch of banana plantations serving as the background.


* Sonepur, Bihar

Located at a distance of around 25km from Patna, Bihar, Sonepur is an ideal place to head on during November. The reason behind suggesting you to be here is the celebration of Sonepur Cattle Fair which is one of its kinds in the country. The fair takes place on the banks of river Ganga on a huge ground. People of different parts of the neighbouring states assemble here. Sonepur Mela is considered to be one of the largest cattle trade fair is Asia. The fair continues for almost a month when entertainment items like Bhojpuri song and dance performances are arranged.

* Amritsar, Punjab

I am sure every avid traveller would agree with me that there is no specific time to visit the hallowed city of Amritasar. But why I am suggesting you to plan in November is because Guru Nanak Jayanti, perhaps the most colourful festival of Amritsar commences on this month only. Even though the festival is celebrated across the state (Punjab), its actual gaiety and lively phase can be seen in the Golden Temple of Amritsar. The day is observed by performing various religious rights. The entire golden temple is decorated with glittering lights and the temple premise is thronged by thousands of believers gathering here from across the world.

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