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Drug inspector's Rs 1 lakh Diwali 'gift' lands her in ACB trap

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The Times Of India
13th October, 2019 07:04 IST

HYDERABAD: For giving a positive inspection report, a drug inspector allegedly demanded a gold necklace as bribe from a blood bank in Bowenpally.

However, as she was accepting her Diwali gift, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths nabbed her at her residence at Madhuranagar on Saturday.

Interestingly, she herself selected the ornament’s design. She was subsequently arrested.

ACB officials, in a press release, said in-charge drug inspector for Hyderabad and Secunderabad B Lakshmi, was caught red-handed at her residence at Surya Apartment while accepting the necklace worth Rs 1.10 lakh.

The erring officer, who works for the Drugs Control Authority, was supposed to periodically inspect blood banks and submit report to higher-ups. “To ensure she did not give an adverse report, Lakshmi demanded bribe from the blood bank. On October 5, she took Rs 50,000 cash from the blood bank owner. Later, she demanded a gold ornament as Diwali gift from the victim,’’ ACB officials said.

Lakshmi went to a jewellery store at Abids along with the victim, but she did not like the designs. Later, the victim sent photographs of gold chain designs to her on WhatsApp, She liked one model and directed the victim to buy and deliver it to her.

The victim bought the gold chain and delivered it to the accused after informing ACB officials. The ACB officials went to the residence of the drug inspector, seized the gold chain and recovered fingerprints. They also got a positive result after conducting phenolphthalein test.

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