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Earthen lamps find many takers in Patna

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 07:58 IST

PATNA: With Diwali round the corner, potters in the city said emergence of Chinese lights and lamps has not caused much impact on the sale of earthen products, especially diyas, as people still buy them in same quantity as they did earlier.

Dealers of clay pots and similar items said demand for earthen lamps ahead of Diwali showed an increasing trend in the last few years. “Chinese lights were affecting our business as we experienced dip in sale of earthen lamps a few years ago. However, the traditional diyas have now made a comeback. People have come environment-conscious nowadays and they prefer local clay-made decorative items over Chinese lamps,” said Suraj Gupta, who sells earthen products from a makeshift shop on Gola Road.

Sita Devi, who has been selling Diwali items for more than 60 years at Kadamkuan, said, “The small lamps are priced at Rs 80 per 100 pieces and the big ones Rs 90 per 100 pieces. Don’t know about others but I always earned profit during Diwali. Burning diyas is a ritual that everyone follows in Diwali,” she said.

Anand, another clay pot seller, said some people buy diyas for the entire month in Kartik. “I started making earthen lamps and other clay items a fortnight before the beginning Kartik month,” he added.

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