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Electrocution case: 2 more in police net

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The Times Of India
07th March, 2019 08:49 IST
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HYDERABAD: Two more employees of Golden Star Facilities and Services Pvt Ltd were arrested in connection with a six year old boy’s electrocution that occured at PBEL City gated community in Peerancheruvu, Narsingi on February 11.

On Wednesday, police arrested Basavaraju, 25, electrician of Golden Star and Ratnababu, 32, assistant manager (electrical) of the company. While Basavaraju was the electrician assigned for work by Golden Star at PBEL City, Ratnababu is in-charge of all the electrical workers, Narsingi SI K M Raghavendra said.

On Tuesday, police had arrested two other employees, Sai Kumar Goud, a housekeeping worker and Madhav, a lift mechanic of the gated community.

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