AUS beat NED by 309 runs
Man of the Match - Glenn Maxwell
50.0/50 Ovrs
21.0/50 Ovrs
ICC Cricket World Cup, 2023 |Match 24 |10/25/2023
Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi
  • That brings us to the end of match number 24 of the ICC World Cup 2023 where Australia crushed Netherlands with 309 runs to grab 2 more points in the points table. The World Cup has experienced 2 one-sided games back to back in 2 days where one team has been far ahead of the other. Match number 25 is England taking on Sri Lanka. Do we have another one-sided contest or will it be a nail-biter, let's find out on the 26th of October, 2023 at 2 pm IST (8.30 am GMT).
  • Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia, at the post-match presentation, says that he is really happy with the performance. Adds that The batters were able to get the big runs on the board and the bowlers looked in real good rhythm. When asked about Glenn Maxwell’s innings, he says that he has always been a brilliant batter but tonight he was at his best and he deserves to hold the record. He adds that he is happy with the fact that they were able to get wickets in the powerplay and will look to continue this ahead. Ends by saying that every game from here is very important to them and they will carry the same confidence ahead for the next game.
  • The Netherlands' skipper Scott Edwards says that Australia are a quality unit. Adds that they have world-class bowlers while defending 400. Feels that the execution could have been better with the ball. Credits the Aussie batters for the way they batted. Reckons that they almost got back in with 10 overs to go. Shares that it is a pretty nice wicket and the margin of error is small. States that the openers have been one of the reasons for them getting here and they will continue to back them. Ends by saying that he wants batting to click in the last four games.
  • Glenn Maxwell is the Player of the Match for his exceptional ton. He says that it was probably something that he did not set out for at the start of the day. Mentions that it was important for him to set a good platform and make sure that he was there till the end. Reckons that it is nice to get a bit of rhythm and making good decisions at the start helped him. Feels that his knock is a huge confidence booster going forward. Further adds that doubts start to creep in when you do not get runs consistently. States that it was a close-to-perfect game when you score 400 and bowl the opposition out for less than 100. Adds that everything went right with the ball and in the field which bodes well for their tournament.
  • The Netherlands' batting, in contrast, struggled to gain momentum throughout their innings. They faced early pressure, and wickets fell at regular intervals. The Australian fast bowlers were relentless, conceding few opportunities to the Dutch batter. Only five Netherlands' batters managed to reach double-digit scores, with just one surpassing 20 runs. Australia's bowlers were relentless, ensuring no respite for the Dutch batting lineup. The Netherlands' innings concluded with a meager total of 90 runs, a performance they will undoubtedly want to put behind them as they look ahead in the tournament. The 309-run margin of defeat is a record in World Cup history, symbolizing Australia's complete domination in the match with both bat and ball. Adam Zampa played a pivotal role, taking four wickets, including three in consecutive matches, to dismantle the Netherlands' batting lineup and secure Australia's resounding victory. This victory, after two initial losses, has firmly reestablished Australia as a strong contender in the World Cup.
  • The Netherlands lost their last 5 wickets for 9 runs and it is Australia who has a big win in the bag. Australia notched up a commanding victory against the Netherlands, setting a new World Cup record with a massive margin of 309 runs. Opting to bat after winning the toss, Australia posted an imposing total of 399 runs in their 50 overs. Their batting was highlighted by two centuries, including a record-breaking performance by Glenn Maxwell, who scored the fastest century in World Cup history. David Warner contributed a brilliant century, making 104 runs off 93 balls, while Steven Smith found his form with 71 off 68, and Marnus Labuschagne added 62 off just 47. However, it was Glenn Maxwell's explosive 106 off only 44 balls that propelled Australia to their formidable total. It was a total demolition by the Australians tonight both with the bat and ball.
  • 20.6
    Adam Zampa to Paul van Meekeren, OUT! STUMPED! Adam Zampa wraps up the game with wickets off successive deliveries! Gives the ball air and bowls this full but down leg, Paul van Meekeren reaches out in front and goes for the sweep. He gets beaten in the flight and ends up missing it altogether. The ball sneaks past the leg stump but it is not collected cleanly by Josh Inglis. The ball falls off his gloves and trickles onto the stumps off his thigh. The third umpire is called into action and the replays show that Paul van Meekeren had his back leg stationed on the crease when the bails came off. Nothing behind the line, Adam Zampa finishes with four wickets and Australia win by 309 runs!
  • Paul van Meekeren is the last man in.
  • 20.5
    Adam Zampa to Aryan Dutt, OUT! LBW! Adam Zampa strikes again and Australia are closing in on a massive victory here! Zamoa vowls the googly again, short and on middle and leg, Aryan Dutt goes on the back foot to play this one. The ball skids off the deck and thuds onto the front pad. The umpire nods his head and Aryan Dutt decides not to waste the review and keeps walking. The end is near for the Dutch as they lose their ninth wicket.
  • 20.4
    Adam Zampa to Scott Edwards, Serves a googly, full and around leg, Scott Edwards makes room and slogs it towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 20.3
    Adam Zampa to Aryan Dutt, Tossed up now, full and on off, Aryan Dutt plays it with the turn to long off for a single.
  • 20.2
    Adam Zampa to Aryan Dutt, Another googly, full and turning in, on middle and leg, Aryan Dutt has a swipe across the line but drags the ball back onto his feet.
  • 20.1
    Adam Zampa to Scott Edwards, Flighted ball at the stumps. Scott Edwards turns it for a single off deep mid-wicket.
  • END OF OVER 20 | 1 Runs & 0 Wkt | NED 87/8
  • 19.6
    Mitchell Marsh to Aryan Dutt, Huge shouts of LBW as Adam Zampa comes again with a flighted ball at the stumps, pitched up. Aryan Dutt looks to play the reverse sweep, gets a hit on the pads after a feather on his gloves. The umpire says not out and the Australian skipper goes up to check. The UltraEdge shows the involvement of the gloves and the decision stands not out.
  • 19.5
    Mitchell Marsh to Aryan Dutt, At the stumps, on a good length, Aryan Dutt gets behind the line and blocks it onto the deck.
  • 19.4
    Mitchell Marsh to Aryan Dutt, Back of a length, shaping away, outside off, Aryan Dutt has a poke at the delivery away from the body and is lucky not to edge this one behind.
  • 19.3
    Mitchell Marsh to Scott Edwards, Shortish delivery, on off, Scott Edwards gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 19.2
    Mitchell Marsh to Scott Edwards, Pitched up, on off, Scott Edwards drives it back to Mitchell Marsh.
  • 19.1
    Mitchell Marsh to Scott Edwards, Short and wide outside off, Scott Edwards frees his arms and goes for the cut but gets beaten on the outside edge.
  • END OF OVER 19 | 1 Runs & 2 Wkt | NED 86/8
  • 18.6
    Adam Zampa to Aryan Dutt, Full and skidding on, on middle, Aryan Dutt pushes it down the wicket without much timing.
  • 18.5
    Adam Zampa to Aryan Dutt, No hat-trick for Adam Zampa! Dishes out another googly, almost identical to the previous delivery, full and on off and middle, Aryan Dutt presses forward and tries to defend this one. He just about manages to read the googly and keeps it out on the leg side.
  • Aryan Dutt is the new batter in to face the Hattrick ball from Adam Zampa.