SRH beat RR by 5 wickets
Man of the Match - Rashid Khan
20.0/20 Ovrs
19.0/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2019 |Match 8 |3/29/2019
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
  • So that is it from this game! Hyderabad have won their first game this season, whereas, Rajasthan are still to taste victory. Indian T20 League action continues though and there are two games lined-up for you tomorrow. First it will be Punjab taking on Mumbai in the former's den, followed by Delhi hosting Kolkata. The first game begins at 1600 local (1030 GMT). The second at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Till then, goodbye and take care!
  • Man of the Match, Rashid Khan, says he always tries to give his best and luckily for him it comes off. Admits it was a plan to bring him against Buttler. States the wicket was not easy to bowl but he tried to hit the right lengths and it came off well. Mentions variation was important and he bowled 5 different leg spinners with 5 different actions. Ends by saying he is working on his batting and he has the self belief to do well with the bat.
  • Hyderabad skipper, Kane Williamson, says it was not easy. Credits the way Rajasthan played. States it was a brilliant chase and appreciates the effort from the openers. He hopes they can continue performing like they did tonight. Admits it was a plan giving Rashid the ball against Buttler as they wanted to get him early. Further adds he is pleased it worked. Appreciates Rashid's effort with the bat as well. Ends by saying his team showed great character to bounce back after a defeat in the first game.
  • David Warner is up for a chat now. He says that the fans in Hyderabad always inspire him and credits Sanju Samson for his innings. Feels that Samson showed them how to bat. Reckons it was good to bat with Jonny Bairstow but there were some hiccups in the partnership. Reckons they know the ground well and they just played according to the merit of the delivery. Says the wicket looks outstanding and he is all ready for the next game.
  • Rajasthan skipper, Ajinkya Rahane, feels that 190+ was a good score on this pitch. Further adds he was aiming for something around 150 while batting with Sanju Samson. Credits Hyderabad for the way they batted. Says the margin of error is very less when a batter like Warner plays well. Mentions Sanju Samson is a talented player and the team always knew it. But also admits that the team is unhappy as his brilliant century went in vain.
  • Earlier in the day, Rajasthan justified their captain's choice of batting first courtesy a brilliant ton from Samson and a lovely half ton from Rahane. Their partnership helped the visitors give the hosts a target of 199. That though was not enough as contributions from quite a few Hyderabad batsmen helped them record their highest ever chase in the Indian T20 League.
  • The Rajasthan bowlers were poor to begin with. They were either too straight or very wide. Their bowlers were taken to the cleaners. Gopal was the only bright spot and it was because of him, the game went down till the 19th over. He had excellent figures of 4-0-27-3. Had he gotten support from the rest, it could have been a different story.
  • How easy was that? Hyderabad have chased this huge total with 6 balls to spare. Yes, there were a few hiccups but to be honest, they were always in control of the game. The foundation was laid by their openers who smashed and when I write smashed, I mean smashed 110 runs. It was actually Warner who got things going. He came out all guns blazing and went after each and every bowler. He blasted his way to 69 and when he was dismissed, Hyderabad were well in control. After his wicket, Bairstow then took over and took the attack to the bowlers. He however, was dismissed to an excellent catch. Another handy stand though between Shankar and Williamson more or less sealed the deal for the hosts. There was a little drama in the middle but Yusuf Pathan and Rashid Khan ensured they take their team over the line.
  • 18.6
    J Archer to R Khan, SIX! Rashid finishes it off in style! What a whip that was. He shuffles across and Archer bowls it full on the pads. Khan flicks it over the square leg fence for a biggie. The crowd here are going bonkers as HYDERABAD WIN BY 5 WICKETS!
  • 18.5
    J Archer to R Khan, FOUR! That is probably the shot which seals the game for the hosts. 4 in 7 now. Archer misses the yorker by just and ends up serving a half volley outside off. Rashid strokes it through covers, away from the sweeper and into the fence.
  • 18.5
    J Archer to R Khan, WIDE! No, not at this moment. Can't give away such bonus runs. Down the leg side, Rashid looks to flick but misses. Wided.
  • 18.4
    J Archer to Y Pathan, Brilliant stuff! Another yorker, not a lot you can do with that. Pathan only manages to jam it out towards third man for a single. 9 from 8.
  • 18.3
    J Archer to R Khan, Another single! It was a full toss but it was too quick. Rashid looks to whip but it goes off the edge towards long on for a single.
  • 18.2
    J Archer to Y Pathan, Just a one! Pathan manages to squirt it through point, towards third man for a single.
  • 18.1
    J Archer to Y Pathan, A dot to begin! Brilliant yorker on middle, Pathan strokes it towards mid off who is not at the edge of the circle which means no single.
  • END OF OVER 18 | 8 Runs & 0 Wkt | SRH 187/5
  • 17.6
    J Unadkat to R Khan, A couple to end! 8 from the over, a good one for the hosts in the context of the game. 12 from 12 needed now. Short and on middle, Rashid looks to pull but it goes off the bottom half towards deep mid-wicket for two.
  • 17.5
    J Unadkat to Y Pathan, Well fielded! Every run is important at the moment! Skipper leading from the front here. Pathan slaps it towards covers. Rahane there dives to his right and keeps it down to one.
  • 17.4
    J Unadkat to Y Pathan, In the air... falls in no man's land! Luck favoring Pathan here. The cutter on off, Pathan looks to go against the angle but it is right off the bottom part of the bat. It goes uppishly towards mid on. The fielder at long on runs in but does not get to it. Two taken.
  • 17.4
    J Unadkat to Y Pathan, WIDE! Too high! Short and goes way above the batsman's head. Wided.
  • 17.3
    J Unadkat to R Khan, Gets bat to ball and hits it towards cover for a single.
  • 17.2
    J Unadkat to R Khan, Good slower ball! It is short and outside off, Rashid goes hard at it but is beaten by the lack of pace.
  • 17.1
    J Unadkat to Y Pathan, Slightly short and outside off, this is slapped through covers for a single.
  • END OF OVER 17 | 10 Runs & 0 Wkt | SRH 179/5
  • Jaydev Unadkat is back into the attack.