UAE beat NZ by 7 wickets
Man of the Match - Aayan Khan
20.0/20 Ovrs
15.4/20 Ovrs
New Zealand in UAE, 3 T20I Series, 2023 |2nd T20I |8/19/2023
Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
  • Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. We will be back on 20th August for the series decider. The first ball will be at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT). As you all know you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye.
  • Aayan Khan wins the Player of the Match award for his exceptional spell with the ball. He had figures of 3 for 20 from his four overs. He says that the plan was to do good and is happy that they won. Mentions that the wicket of Mitchell Santner was his favourite. Shares that he wants to take UAE cricket to greater heights. States the coach has helped them a lot. Also says that Muhammad Waseem, Asif Khan and Vriitya Aravind are their key players and it showed during the chase.
  • Muhammad Waseem, the victorious skipper is in for a chat. On the approach, he informs that he is always trying to get his side over the line and is glad to contribute for the side. Praises Asif Khan for his knock, and states that he is a very incredible player. Mentions that Aayan Khan is certainly a future star for United Arab Emirates.
  • Tim Southee, the captain of New Zealand is in for a chat here. He says that this is the beauty of the sport. Credits UAE for outplaying them in all 3 facets of the game. Feels that they did not learn from the first game. Reckons that dropped catches are a part of the game and were made to pay for that. Mentions that they need to be better in all three areas and will look to turn up for the series decider.
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  • Earlier in the innings, United Arab Emirates were able to find some grip on offer and that put the Kiwis in a spot of bother. Aayan Khan did wonders in the Powerplay and ended his night with three wickets to his name. No one really from the top-order could get off to a decent start for New Zealand. Things could've been worst for the visitors if not for Mark Chapman's half-century. It certainly added some impetus to the scoreboard but eventually it was quite an easy run chase for United Arab Emirates.
  • New Zealand started well with the new ball, as Tim Southee was looking sharp and getting some movement as well. He got an early wicket, but then Benjamin Lister and Kyle Jamieson could not really restrict the run flow, and apart from striking in his first over, Kyle Jamieson struggled to find his rhythm and challenge the batters here. The spinner also were a bit lacklustre and eventually it was not New Zealand's day with the ball in hand. 
  • United Arab Emirates got off to a shaky start as they lost a wicket in the very first over, also without any runs on the board. It looked like the New Zealand bowlers will pounce over this batting line-up but the second-wicket stand between Muhammad Waseem and Vriitya Aravind certainly kept the hosts in the game. Once Vriitya Aravind got his eye-in he was mainly dealing in boundaries. He even took after Kyle Jamieson in his first over, but in the end it was the seamer who had the last laugh. Nevertheless, Muhammad Waseem kept the ante up by putting away the lose balls and racked up a valuable half-century. Once he fell, it was Asif Khan who took the matter into his own hands and kept his side in a comfortable position with his well-calculated knock of 48 runs, and received the right amount of help from Basil Hameed.
  • An emphatic victory, rather a historic victory for UAE! They have taken an incredible win in this series and the handful of fans that have come here to back their side, are certainly enjoying every momemt of this victory. Basil Hameed with the finishing touches and helps his side to secure their first ever win in T20Is. That means only one thing, this series is going down to the wire. The series-decider will surely be a cracking contest. 
  • 15.4
    Tim Southee to Asif Khan, FOUR MORE! THAT'S IT! Remarkable scenes at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium as the United Arab Emirates cruise to a historic victory! Southee continues to dig it in short, on middle, Asif Khan isn't one to miss out as he thumps it past mid-wicket for a boundary. Asif Khan and Basil Hameed are pumped and they are soon joined by their teammates for the celebrations. United Arab Emirates win by 7 wickets!
  • 15.3
    Tim Southee to Asif Khan, FOUR! Directs another short delivery, at the batter, Asif Khan does get cramped for room but still manages to pull this one through square leg for four runs. United Arab Emirates are just a hit away now. 
  • 15.2
    Tim Southee to Asif Khan, Short delivery again, on middle and leg, Asif Khan pulls it off the back foot. Gets it to the left of deep square leg for a couple of runs. 
  • 15.1
    Tim Southee to Asif Khan, SIX! Asif Khan seems to be in a hurry here! A bumper from Southee, on off, Asif Khan expects the short delivery and is waiting on the back foot. Frees his arms and flat bats it over long on for a maximum. 
  • END OF OVER 15 | 13 Runs & 0 Wkt | UAE 128/3
  • 14.6
    James Neesham to Asif Khan, Shortish length again, around leg, pulled to deep square leg for a single. United Arab Emirates are now just 15 runs away from a historic win. 
  • 14.5
    James Neesham to Asif Khan, FOUR! Everything going United Arab Emirates' way here! Neesham dishes it on a back of a length, outside off, Asif Khan waits on the back foot and throws his hands at the ball. Gets an outside edge that flies to the third man fence for four more runs. 
  • 14.4
    James Neesham to Basil Hameed, Good-length delivery, just outside off, Basil Hameed steers it down to third man and collects a single.
  • 14.3
    James Neesham to Asif Khan, Shortens his length and directs it at the batter, Asif Khan moves leg side and pulls it in the air but wide of deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 14.2
    James Neesham to Asif Khan, FOUR! Powered down the ground! Pitched up, on off, Asif Khan gets the ball in his slot. Drills it to the right of mid off and picks up a boundary. 
  • 14.1
    James Neesham to Basil Hameed, Serves it fuller and around off, Basil Hameed gets forward and drives it crisply to deep point for a single.
  • 14.1
    James Neesham to Basil Hameed, WIDE! Bends his back and bangs it in short, on middle and leg, Basil Hameed shapes to hook. He fails to connect and wide is called by the umpire for going way down leg. 
  • END OF OVER 14 | 7 Runs & 0 Wkt | UAE 115/3
  • 13.6
    Kyle Jamieson to Asif Khan, Excellent stop by Mitchell Santner! Jamieson drifts down leg, on a back of a length, Asif Khan uses the pace and tickles it to the fine leg. Mitchell Santner there does extremely well to tumble and keep the ball in play. Two runs taken. 
  • 13.5
    Kyle Jamieson to Basil Hameed, On a hard length this time, in the channel on off, Basil Hameed guides it nicely to third man for one. 
  • 13.4
    Kyle Jamieson to Asif Khan, Persists with short length, at the batter, Asif Khan pulls it through mid-wicket and takes a single.