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Ryanair passenger sneaks extra luggage on flight for free using 'best' plane hack

A Ryanair passenger has left their online followers amazed ahead of the holiday season, after sharing exactly how they managed to sneak free extra luggage on their flight.

In a TikTok

clip that has since clocked up 8.8 million views and counting, the keen traveller, who often shares content about her road trip adventures, could be seen clutching a seemingly innocent pillow while walking around the airport.

To the astonishment of many, however, she can then be seen unzipping the pillowcase, revealing that it was in fact packed full of additional clothing items, allowing her to dodge paying any extra luggage fees.

The video then cuts to her having arrived at her destination, happily unpacking her extra bits from the pillowcase.

The savvy passenger, who goes by the username @roadbunnies, wrote in the vid, "When you booked flights with Ryanair".


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She captioned the post, "thank us later", with a little fire emoji.

A number of her followers were left pretty impressed by the crafty travel hack, which some described as "genius" and "the best thing" they've ever seen.

One thankful person wrote: "I'm flying with Ryanair in three weeks for the first time and freaking out about weight. I needed this." advice badly

Another confessed: "The other day, my friend wore three layers of clothes, two layers of coats, and a cape. I didn't know what it really was, maybe a bedsheet."

A third admitted: "I wear a big coat and tuck two tote bags under my arms when boarding".

The viral post even caught the attention of Ryanair, with the company commenting, "Bestie PLEASEEEE what is this" under the post, racking up more than 95.1K likes.

With an alarmed face emoji, the caught-out traveller responded: "Uhm… Hope we're still friends..?"

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